競賽名稱】: CTBUH International Student Tall Building Design Competition

主辦單位】: Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)

【競賽網址】: https://www.ctbuh.org/research-2/ctbuh-2019-student-design-competition/
【參賽件數】: Over 190 projects from all over the world and select top-25 semifinalists


The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is the world’s leading resource for professionals focused on the inception, design, construction, and operation of tall buildings and future cities. Founded in 1969 and headquartered at Chicago’s historic Monroe Building, the CTBUH is a not-for-profit organization with an Asia Headquarters office at Tongji University, Shanghai, a Research Office at Iuav University, Venice, Italy; and an Academic Office at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. CTBUH facilitates the exchange of the latest knowledge available on tall buildings around the world through publicationsresearcheventsworking groups, web resources, and its extensive network of international representatives. The Council’s research department is spearheading the investigation of the next generation of tall buildings by aiding original research on sustainability and key development issues. The Council’s free database on tall buildings, The Skyscraper Center, is updated daily with detailed information, images, data, and news. The CTBUH also developed the international standards for measuring tall building height and is recognized as the arbiter for bestowing such designations as “The World’s Tallest Building



獲得名次:Finalist 佳作

作品名稱:The Seed


“The Seed”, a stage before the bloom of flowers, symbolizes new life is covered by layers, rooting down, developing upwards, and infinite possibilities may be quietly sprouting. This project explores a new type of the refuge especially for the tornadoes. Existing refuge houses are constructed in the form of after-the-fact remedy. In this case, the losses will be relatively large. In the era when space demand is gradually expanding, super-floors will certainly exist. The high-rise structure is difficult to resist the tornado scale above F2. In addition, the building serves as a research center with high-precision equipment, so we need to ensure the stability of the structure. Therefore, I use “The Seed” to explain my architectural concept. With the idea of “rooting, ” I will build the structure deep into the ground, reducing the degree of shaking, more like the seed body in the soil, and the ground as a natural protective layer. Just like seed germination has different stages, we can make different deformations according to different levels of tornado grading. Additionally, considering the local power generation structure is transforming, I integrate a research center and some stores into the township. When the tornado leaves, all “The Seed” buds rise slowly from the ground, and the whole sea of flowers will bloom with blue dazzling light. It is a tenacious life that will stand still after the tornado, and it is the representative of Texas in the United States – Cornflower.








獲得名次:Finalist 佳作

作品名稱:Utopia of De-deforestation


Forest Renaissance is a restorative method of forest management, which is not based on economic productivity. In this practice, certain trees are selectively harvested while causing minimal damage to the rest of the forest. In this design, we re-implanted the amount of trees that were felled into the tower. The long-term aim of this method is to systematically fell mature trees, while leaving the forest ecosystem relatively unaffected.




獲得名次:Finalist 佳作

作品名稱:Tower of Gene Storage | 2100 of Singapore


“ Architecture is not just sculpting a space, it’s sculpting an experience, an environment to enhance our perception of that space. ” said by Nishi Verma.

Instead of sculpting the tower by imitating gene form, we focus on a new material made by plasma, which solve big data saving through a developing steel pipe. According to this new material, we’d like to create a mutual interaction between citizen and a integrated service system of tower. People can upload their data directly towards the tower as a cloud. If the data reaches a certain amount of upload, the gene tower will change colour at any time. This tower is a space created with twisted threads set up in multiple directions in a steel frame. It expresses mutual behavior between human beings and virtual technology. Storing gene as a static activity, saving big data is as a dynamic activity. This interaction provides an ambient experience like a cosmic dance. Meanwhile, the external spiral curve of structure opens a conversation between urban and nature.