建築系陳彥廷副教授指導學生賴翰宇參加『iF Talent Award 2021_01』聯合國SDGs類,榮獲Best of The Year首獎

The forest fires are too fast to responsive. And because of the high temperature, it cannot be easily extinguished, so put this high tower in the forest. The project is not only use weaving technology to strengthen the structure, but also combined with the integration of fireproof materials. This also makes it becomes a fireproof tower. As for the outer layer of the tower, it as the main structure to resist fire, the inner part uses rainwater collected during the rainy season as energy to block heat radiation. In this way, when a fire occurs, animals can have the opportunity to hide inside, and the rescue time for humans can be increased, so that the impact of the fire will not cause a devastating impact on the animal ecology.

森林大火的發生快到令人無法反應,溫度之高導致無法輕易撲滅,因此在森林裡安插這座高塔, 該項目透過編織技術強化結構,結合防火材料的融入,成為一座防火的高塔,外層將作為抵擋火的主要結構,內部以雨季收集的雨水做為能量以及阻擋熱輻射使用,發生火災時可以讓動物有機會往內部躲藏,也增加人類救援時間,不至於對動物生態造成毀滅性的打擊。

建築系陳彥廷副教授指導學生參加『2020 APIDA亞太區室內設計大獎』(建築系獎勵賽事),榮獲1銀1銅!

When discussing the significance of each layer of the skyscraper and Dzi Beads, the form of the outer layer of the skyscraper is transformed from the totem on the Dzi Bead into geometry. By doing so, it retains the significance of the Dzi Bead Totem. In addition to the simple geometric structure, we use light, water and shadow from the ground floor interior to the top of the building. Therefore, the visitors who visit can comfortably adjust their mood within the prescence of the architecture, and can seek Buddha with a prepared body and soul.


「金點設計獎」(Golden Pin Design Award)在1981年創立於台灣,現由「台灣設計研究院」(Taiwan Design Research Institute, TDRI)辦理獎項與策劃頒獎典禮及相關活動。自2015年起,金點設計獎品牌針對不同目標族群分設「金點設計獎」、「金點概念設計獎」及「金點新秀設計獎」等三大獎賽,旨在褒揚傑出的創新設計產品與作品。

建築系陳彥廷老師指導一般與在職生參加『2020美國建築大師獎』教育部二等獎,榮獲1件室內類New Discovery of the Year、10件Best of Best與7件Winner!

The mission of the Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) is to advance the appreciation and exposure of quality architectural design worldwide. The AMP architecture award celebrates creativity and innovation in the fields of architectural design, landscape architecture, and interior design. Submissions from architects all around the world are welcome.

建築系陳彥廷副教授指導學生蔡偉群參加『 2020臺北設計獎』,榮獲金獎、ico-D特別獎、評審團推薦獎

臺北市政府規劃辦理「臺北設計獎」,以「Design for Adaptive City:為不斷提昇的城市而設計」之精神,不斷的向全世界熱愛創意、設計的人士形塑「設計臺北、夢想臺北」的城市品牌意象,並公開徵選傑出國際設計作品,打造臺北市成為創意設計匯流平台,藉以發掘具商機潛力的創意設計、鼓勵社會設計意涵,主張設計使人類生活更美好更便利。臺北市政府致力於將臺北市打造成為一座具有設計遠見的城市,更鼓勵設計師們反思設計的意義,把設計當成解決問題的工具,透過設計思維,解決社會大眾以及社會或城市必須面對的問題,進一步展現臺北設計獎「為不斷提升的城市而設計」之精神

建築系陳彥廷、江梓瑋老師指導學生參加『iF Talent Award 2020_02』,榮獲三件Winner

The world is constantly urbanizing, and the floors are getting higher and higher. Due to the convection of the air, the height of the building will be subjected to extreme the wind pressure, and it is often necessary to worry about the damage to the structure of the high building due to the shaking and resonance of the building. Therefore, wind digesters are designed to divert and reduce the huge wind pressure on the surface of tall buildings and utilize this natural wind energy to generate electricity for indoor use.

建築系陳彥廷老師指導學生參加『 2020 IDEA美國傑出工業設計獎』建築、公共空間榮獲銀獎、铜獎


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