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建築系 陳彥廷老師 指導學生吳疆參加AUTODESK軟體創意設計競賽建築設計組,榮獲優選佳績!

現代社會面臨疾病、高齡化與環境污染等等問題,健康與永續發展的理念持續受到重視。聯合國在2016年列出了「17 Goals to Transform Our World」可持續發展目標,以人類、地球、繁榮、和平等為主要努力方向。請試以現存的問題或設想未來會遇到的狀況,利用Autodesk設計軟體創造出新的解決方案,Let’s Design for Health!

建築系 陳彥廷老師 指導學生蔡秉琳參加可及性設計學生競圖,榮獲第一名佳績!

AAEDT台灣可及環境設計協會公開徵求全台最優秀的空間設計相關科系學生作品,空間主題不限,可以是森林步道、海邊小屋、社區中庭、私人住宅…包羅萬象,重點是,可以在都市、環境、景觀、建築等空間內展現出可及性設計(Accessible Design)理念與想法,並用圖說及模型呈現,希望同學們重視並思考環境中的問題與解決之道。

Congratulations for An-Chi Tsai (蔡安期), Christian Christian, and Yu-Tien Yen (顏鈺恬) won the commendation award from the 2017 Student Design Competition

The project involves the design of a multi-purpose facility with auditorium and rehearsal room at a small university located in a densely populated urban setting. Technical design requirements emphasized at the general building acoustics design such as room acoustics, noise control, and sound transmission control



2017國立臺灣科技大學建築系 畢業設計,媒體報導

地點:松菸文化創意園區 三號倉庫



建築系 吳柏翰老師、陳彥廷老師 指導學生張簡子敬參加美國IDA獎,榮獲金獎、銀獎、優異獎三項大獎!

In tranquility under dropping rain, I wonder what the future looks like. Fallen leaves decompose with water and enrich the land. What comes next is the sprout of hope.The proprietor of the design is me. I figured out it’s the perfect time to think of any questions when showering. That’s the initiative for me to design my home of the future. You can say the building is the fallen leaf. The water falls as if it is dropping rain on the leaves. The pool on the penthouse is the ponding. The bathroom is where you meditate, surrounded by the kitchen and the bedroom. It becomes the heart of the space. You can find the tranquility in this space with variation.

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