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IDEA is a premier international design competition, recognizing and promoting excellence across a wide array of industries and disciplines, including commercial products, entertainment, home goods, social impact designs and student designs. Gold Silver and Bronze winners are recognized. Winning entries receive worldwide press and are housed in a permanent collection at The Henry Ford.

建築系鄭政利、蔡欣君及陳彥廷教授指導學生參加國際競賽IDA『International Design Awards』,榮獲2金獎1銀獎1銅獎!

國際設計大獎(IDA)旨在表揚,慶祝和宣傳傳奇設計夢想家,發掘建築,室內設計,產品,圖形和時尚設計方面的新興人才。 國際設計大獎(IDA)第11屆年度設計大獎比賽,呼籲既有的和新興的設計師提交他們最具創新性和挑釁性的設計。

建築系 鄭政利教授及陳彥廷助理教授 指導學生 陸洋、陳莉莎 參加『RTF Sustainability Awards 2017』,榮獲 銀獎!

The design of Clip Housing provides a new strategy of affordable housing to Sydney residents. Meanwhile, it brings an idea of sharing and environmentally friendly lifestyle to the urban culture.
Flexibility is a point of this design. The mean idea of this design is modular system, which uses four different prefabricated units to realize fast and low cost constructions. Furthermore, the vertical patchwork maximally tries to solve the overcrowded housing problem. Using the four different units and the combinations creates interesting and inclusive public spaces.The design can provide a green, low carbon dioxide emissions and healthy environment. We consider the lighting, ventilation, greening, eco-materials, water recycle system and multicultural residents in Sydney creating enjoyable, convenient and open spaces.

陳彥廷 副教授

陳彥廷 副教授
紐約Pratt Institute碩士(教育部菁培公費)
E-mail :
聯絡電話:(02)2737-6989 研究室:RB-702

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