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建築系邱韻祥、陳彥廷、陳嘉萍教授指導學生參加紅點概念獎,獲1件Best of The Best首獎、5件紅點獎,學校排名台灣第一!

Identifying good design since 1950, the Red Dot Design Award received more than 18,000 applications in 2016. Making the competition one of the biggest and most prestigious design awards worldwide. In 2005, the award recognised the need to identify and celebrate new design concept and innovation, the precursor of tomorrow’s great product. Believing a design concept must be evaluated based on its design merit without prejudice, the award created a unprecedented platform that accept entries from companies to design students.

建築系鄭政利、蔡欣君及陳嘉萍教授指導學生參加國際競賽『RTF Sustainability Awards 2017』,榮獲3金獎1銀獎!

The pursuit of social progress and development must be accompanied by a large amount of infrastructure, however, in Taiwan, more than 800 idle buildings have been accumulated In the past 2 decades. Not only wasted more than 261 billion NTD in construction costs but also make the debt of Taiwanese government approaching to 7 trillion NTD. A lot of new construction not only wastes many public funds but also produces a lot of waste. The construction of each new building will result in energy consumption and manpower consumption, in addition, it will also cause a lot of air pollution during the construction period.
Therefore, how to redesign and recreate the idle buildings and turn them into the ideal public spaces is an important issue to think about. In this case, the concept of the construction is to compose the variety of different function by the most simple components. Try to maximize the flexibility of space reuse on the premise of minimizing the construction costs and resource consumption.

建築系陳嘉萍老師 指導學生徐群量 參加 「 第九屆大英國協建築師協會國際學生競圖 」 榮獲 評審贊許獎

This design scheme with the title “Happy Together” is intended to deal with the issues that are confronting the elderly who are living alone in the community after the transformation.

The novel idea of expanding unused spaces into Bed & Breakfast for visitors generates various possibilities. For instance, it can initiate a program that helps senior citizens who are living alone in engaging with different groups of people. Furthermore, visitors to the Bed & Breakfast can be encouraged to provide companionship to the elderly and provide any care if needed, in exchange, the elderly can act as tour guides for visitors to experience the community.