建築系王裕華、陳彥廷、江梓瑋老師指導學生參加國際競賽IDA 『International Design Awards』建築與產品類,榮獲4金獎5銀獎2銅獎!

The light is glowing through the light well into waiting room, just like colors filling in pigment needles. The color extends from floor to wall then up to ceiling, each filled pigment needle is introducing people into the room. The tattooists advocate trees, and trees represent eternity. I used silhouette trees as the design language of the ceiling and the walls, which are related to those plants under the center light well. The lighting has multi layers and from different directions, that gave tattooists uniform light sources.

建築系 鄭政利教授 指導學生 廖哲緯 參加『2018年鋼結構人行及自行車陸橋創意設計比賽』,榮獲金獎第一名佳績!


建築系 鄭政利教授 指導學生 廖哲緯 參加『第十一屆智慧綠建築設計創意競賽』,榮獲銀獎佳績!


建築系陳彥廷助理教授指導學生參加『2018美國建築大師獎Architecture Master Prize』,榮獲建築景觀類、室內類2件全場大獎與42件Winner!

The right to enjoy sunshine is a basic human right enacted by the United Nations. Since the cancellation of Street Shadow Act in 1987, the inaccessibility of light has increased the shadow area of buildings with the increase of population and the floor height, which has made the low-level residents in Hong Kong live in darkness for many years. In a such high cost land as Hong Kong, the open space and the ecological green land are compressed and reduced year by year. The narrow living space and closed visual landscape make residents lose their most basic living needs.

建築系陳彥廷助理教授參加『2018美國建築大師獎Architecture Master Prize』,榮獲Honorable Mention大獎!

UNBOX Your Thinking
第一屆Design For Taiwan社會設計展主題為『Unbox Your Thinking』,期望透設計體現關懷弱勢、科技教育、社會服務三大面向,整體展場設計以『突破框架』為核心概念,透過簡潔的鐵架結合LED光條,襯托展場明快的工業氣質,展現同學們突破框架後的全新創作!

建築系陳彥廷老師指導學生參加CTBUH摩天大樓競賽,前進杜拜Abu Dhabi Middle East Conference,榮獲1件全球第四、2件佳作!

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat is the world’s leading resource for professionals focused on the inception, design, construction, and operation of tall buildings and future cities. Founded in 1969 and headquartered at Chicago’s historic Monroe Building, the CTBUH is a not-for-profit organization with an Asia Headquarters office at Tongji University, Shanghai, a Research Office at Iuav University, Venice, Italy; and an Academic Office at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. CTBUH facilitates the exchange of the latest knowledge available on tall buildings around the world through publications, research, events, working groups, web resources, and its extensive network of international representatives. The Council’s research department is spearheading the investigation of the next generation of tall buildings by aiding original research on sustainability and key development issues. The Council’s free database on tall buildings, The Skyscraper Center, is updated daily with detailed information, images, data, and news. The CTBUH also developed the international standards for measuring tall building height and is recognized as the arbiter for bestowing such designations as “The World’s Tallest Building.”

建築系 陳彥廷助理教授指導學生參加 金點設計獎,榮獲建築與產品類3件金點設計獎+8件佳作!

華人市場已成為全世界最大的經濟體,龐大的人口和商機讓此處成為國際企業兵家必爭之地,如何依據不同的客層和需求,設計出符合當地民情的產品,需要對此地百年來的文明演進有相當程度的了解,這已成為愈來愈多國際企業關注的焦點。 面對全球經濟潮流的轉變,在台灣擁有37年歷史的「金點設計獎」,2014年開始走向「全球華人市場最頂尖設計獎項」的新定位,目的便是在華人設計產業取得發言權,進而向全世界提出華人優質生活的主張。「金點設計獎」如同是進入全球華人市場的關鍵通道,唯有站穩華人市場,才能進一步放眼全世界。

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