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108-2年春季赴海外交換學生計畫 已開放申請,相關資料請參考“國際事務處”網站

線上申請時間:108年7月15日 (一)上午10時至8月20日 (二)下午23時59分,逾時不予受理。

建築系鄭政利、蔡欣君及陳嘉萍教授指導學生參加國際競賽『RTF Sustainability Awards 2017』,榮獲3金獎1銀獎!

The pursuit of social progress and development must be accompanied by a large amount of infrastructure, however, in Taiwan, more than 800 idle buildings have been accumulated In the past 2 decades. Not only wasted more than 261 billion NTD in construction costs but also make the debt of Taiwanese government approaching to 7 trillion NTD. A lot of new construction not only wastes many public funds but also produces a lot of waste. The construction of each new building will result in energy consumption and manpower consumption, in addition, it will also cause a lot of air pollution during the construction period.
Therefore, how to redesign and recreate the idle buildings and turn them into the ideal public spaces is an important issue to think about. In this case, the concept of the construction is to compose the variety of different function by the most simple components. Try to maximize the flexibility of space reuse on the premise of minimizing the construction costs and resource consumption.

建築系 鄭政利教授及陳彥廷助理教授 指導學生 陸洋、陳莉莎 參加『RTF Sustainability Awards 2017』,榮獲 銀獎!

The design of Clip Housing provides a new strategy of affordable housing to Sydney residents. Meanwhile, it brings an idea of sharing and environmentally friendly lifestyle to the urban culture.
Flexibility is a point of this design. The mean idea of this design is modular system, which uses four different prefabricated units to realize fast and low cost constructions. Furthermore, the vertical patchwork maximally tries to solve the overcrowded housing problem. Using the four different units and the combinations creates interesting and inclusive public spaces.The design can provide a green, low carbon dioxide emissions and healthy environment. We consider the lighting, ventilation, greening, eco-materials, water recycle system and multicultural residents in Sydney creating enjoyable, convenient and open spaces.

建築系 鄭政利教授 指導學生 廖哲緯 參加『2017康寧創星家-創新應用競賽』,榮獲優等獎佳績!

衛浴空間一直是生活不可或缺的元素,但常也是老人及行動不便者生命安全的殺手。本設計運用康寧Gorilla®玻璃抗菌與耐刮特性設計的浴缸,藉由兩段式升降設計,可以讓使用者不須爬入,藉由升降系統即可切換淋浴或盆浴功能,降低滑倒風險。淋浴時搭配升降式沖洗桿,可智能上下沖洗身體與烘乾;降下浴缸盆浴時則可監控水溫、水高與入浴時間,藉由光纖閃爍、顏色變化警示與大面積康寧LotusTM XT玻璃的顯示技術,將衛浴安全與影音娛樂達到完美的結合。





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